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What skills can you contribute?

I’ve only had a few parents step up to teach, plan, help with me with the ins and outs of running a co- op. A few have decided to withdraw at the last minute and that has put us in a bind. We are in dire need for a 4th- 6th teacher (we have an assistant volunteer), 7th-9th teacher and a board member. Classes were due to go live THIS week. Pre K, K, and 1st -3rd Classes are set and ready to go. I'm hoping and praying hard that 2 more dedicated volunteer teachers step up and step up soon. I'm really starting to feel defeated and drained. A lot of time, planning, and money has been invested to get this up and running after so much interest and intent to join. There was no way any family could host that many families each week. So we had to find our gathering space. St. Paul UMC offered an entire building at cost with the exception that we pay utilities and get liability coverage for our group. I have made the membership fee which covers those as cheap as possible. I am working on getting our non profit status, but without another board member, I can not pursue that any further at the moment. We NEED to work together to make this endeavor successful. Please think about what YOU can contribute, teaching (think of a fun group activity), planning and scheduling, making phone calls to possible outside classes and activities, writing the monthly newsletter, updating and maintaining the co-op website. What skills can you contribute? Please think about it and get with me, lend me a hand. This is a very important step for establishing and maintaining our co op. Our co op relies HEAVILY on DEDICATED volunteers and without them we can not succeed. This is a great opportunity for our homeschool community.

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