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Spring Class Schedule

Spring Semester Schedule

9:30 am -10:00 Arrival Teachers can arrive to set up and prep as early as 9:30. 

PLEASE be there at 10 am for morning meeting. 10:00-10:10 am Arrive and Sign in/Name tags/pick up calendar or information sheets Littles taken to their classroom Morning Meeting with group

10:15-11:00 am 1st hour class - 45 mins Totschool/PreK -Various activities  K-1st - Art, Science and Geography  2nd-6th - Science/Stem  7th-9th - We the People

11:05-11:50 am 2nd hour class - 45 mins Totschool/PreK -Various activities   K-1st - Art, Science and Geography  7th-9th - Science/Stem  2nd-6th - History with Liberty Kids 

11:55-12:25 pm PE - 30 mins

12:30-12:50 pm Lunch - 20 mins

12:55 - 1:10 pm Choir - 15 mins

1:15 2:00 pm 3rd hour flexible block - 45 mins *When there is not a special activity, speaker, or class totschool/Pre K and K-1st will remain in their classroom. This hour will be a flexible hour for what is needed at the time. For all ages group work, speakers, special classes, art class, field trip prep class, unit studies, yearbook planning, parties, karate class and etc. We are working on the 3rd hour block schedule.

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