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January 11, 2018

Hi everyone, I just wanted to touch base with everyone and give you some updates. Things did not progress as quickly as expected. We hit a snag with obtaining liability insurance back in the fall. The insurance issue is resolved and we have found an affordable provider that will meet our co op needs. After a cost analysis with committed families it looks like the cost per family, per year will be around $150. That covers our facility cost and liability insurance that is required for the year. The more families that enroll the cheaper that cost will be. So share our mission and co op information with all the other homeschool families you know. We were hoping to start after Christmas break, but that just wasn’t feasible and unrealistic. A fall start gives everyone a head start on planning and coordination. Teachers are asked to get those classes picked and planned and do a class syllabus. With the later start date our kids have grown in age, so I’ll be doing another head count for classes and moving them to the appropriate age class. I’ll be looking into getting the background checks done asap. The board selection needs finished. I’ve only had a few parents step up for these positions, so please think about it and get with me. This is a very important step for establishing and maintaining our co op. Our co op relies heavily on volunteers and without them we can not succeed. We need a volunteer to build and maintain the co op website. In the mean time I will start setting up activities, field trips, park days, and playdates. Starting with a Valentine’s party in February. I look forward to building this endeavor with each and everyone of you building on love, trust, friendship and family connections. I truly believe a local co op for our homeschool community will be a great asset for us all. Much Love, Wendy Howard

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