Our Mission

Our purpose and mission at RHSC is to provide support to the local homeschool community. To provide a fun, safe, economic friendly environment for homeschool families to meet and work together as an extended family to achieve common goals such as, but not limited to:  academics, social time,  community projects, and service work. 

 The Riverbend area has a vastly growing homeschool community. The need for a local co op has been prevalent for some time.   With the dedication, and determination of a few homeschool parents we set out to make that happen. We have a vision and it includes you! Homeschooling in our area has been growing rapidly for many reasons. As the homeschool culture changes, the vision must change with it. Because of changes in the culture, the landscape of homeschooling is changing. Instead of being simply drawn to homeschooling because of the benefits it offers, many of today's parents are running from a system that is no longer working for them.  Homeschooling is a wonderful commitment and it requires parents who possess two things: dedication to the educational success of their children and access to the tools they need to be successful. Our purpose at RHSC is to meet those needs and work together as an extended family to achieve the common goal of our children's best interest and education.