Riverbend Homeschool Co-op FAQ

Q: What type of co-op is RHSC?

A: RHSC is a group of homeschooling families that work together, meeting weekly for educational enrichment classes. Our classes are planned, organized and developed by RHSC parents and are based on the interests of the children and parents. These classes are used by families to enrich and enhance the main educational subjects parents are teaching at home with their children. Each semester, the class opportunities are as unique as the families who create them.


Q: What are the member requirements at RHSC?

A: We are a co-op, and as members we are all expected to volunteer our time, energies, and talents to the running of RHSC.

Parent responsibilities:

  • Complete registration promptly, including submitting payment for classes.

  • Most parents volunteer as Parent Monitors during the day. Teacher volunteers are always welcomed and needed. Sign-ups will be available on the class registration page.  If your family circumstances do not allow you to volunteer during the co-op day, please contact the RHSC leadership to arrange for another volunteer option.

  • Read all co-op communication, and support your kids in meeting their requirements.

Q: How much does co-op cost?

A: We try to keep the cost to a minimal, and affordable for all families.  There is a $50 registration fee to secure your spot due by April 19th. This does not go toward membership fee. Classes fill up fast. Each family pays a family membership fee of $220 for the year.  This can be made in 4 monthly installments (May 17, June 14, July 19 and Aug 16th) or paid at once. Membership is kept at the lowest possible rate. We have building rental and insurance that must be covered for the year. So all payments must be completed buy Aug 19th.  Classes range from $5 - $20 per student.  Class fees need to be paid between July 19th  Aug 16th. ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE


Q: What is the membership fee for?

A: The membership fee covers the building cost, website fees, and group insurance for the year.


Q: Where are classes held?

A: Classes are held at Wanda United Methodist Church in Roxanna, IL


Q: What ages can attend?

A: We offer Pre K classes through 9th grade


Q: When are co-op classes held?

A: Co –op meets every Friday from 10am-2pm September to May. We will not meet during major holidays.


Q: Is there a lunch period? 

A: Yes!  Our students are welcome to pack a bag lunch and eat in the Cafe  Lunch period is from 12:00- 12:30. Please remind your student to help clean up the cafe near the end of the lunch period. Food is ONLY allowed in the Cafe during lunch.


Q: How long are the classes? 

A: A typical co-op day would look like this:
Morning Meeting: 10:00-10:10 PLEASE BE ON TIME!!
1st Class: 10:15 - 11:05
2nd hours class 11:10 – 12:00
PE 12:00 – 12:30

Lunch 12:30 – 1:00

3rd Class: 1:00- 2:00

Clean up/Tear down 2:05-2:15


Q: What are some samples of classes that will be offered?

A: Science, art, world geography, gym class,  history, cooking classes.  Each semester is different depending on what the families would like to teach.


Q: What if my child works above or below grade level?  How do I pick which classes are right for my child?”

A: All of the classes are listed in age ranges are meant as a guideline. If your child is advanced academically, but not socially, it might be best to keep them in their age group. If you are unsure about a class, please contact the teacher about any questions you may have. The teachers will have the final say on what ages they would like in their class and be able to determine whether or not the class will be a good fit for your child.


Q: Do I have to stay with my child all day?

A: Yes. Our co-op is NOT a "drop-off" co-op. Parents are required to volunteer where needed.


Q: Are students required to bring any "basic" supplies?

Every student is required to bring a "supply kit" which should contain pencil, sharpener, pen, eraser, age–appropriate scissors, glue stick, bottle glue, colored pencils, markers and/or crayons.


Q: Do I have to teach?

A:  No, but leadership is committed to having RHSC be a “truly cooperative” endeavor. It is therefore expected that there will be parental involvement from each family participating in the co-op.  Not only in teaching/assisting or where needed but in attending the co-op sessions regularly.  


Q: If I decide to teach, will I be alone or will I have any assistants? 

You will not be alone in the classroom.  Two to three parent helpers are assigned to each class. If you decide to teach, you may also want to co-teach with someone. You may find a co-teacher on your own.  He or she would help you plan and share in the teaching duties. The helpers are just there to help the children while you do the actual teaching. Unless there is a special circumstance, teens are not allowed to be classroom helpers.


Q: Is there a co-op orientation?

Yes, each session we will have a Teacher Orientation and General Co-op Orientation at the co-op venue.  Watch for updates in the RHSC Facebook Group as to where and when these will occur.  Attendance is mandatory for each orientation as it guarantees that all participants are aware of the facility guidelines and rules set forth by RHSC.  It is also an opportunity for students and teachers to meet and become acquainted with the layout of the facility. 


Q: Can I choose just one or two classes for my child to attend or do I need to register for all three?

A: This question basically means - Do I need to stay all day or can I pick and choose which hours/classes I want my child to attend?  Due to parental participation and our commitment to quality classes, we require that you attend all 3 hours of co-op.  There is a lot of time and energy that goes on behind the scenes of co-op to ensure its success.  We need your commitment to participate as well as your child’s.


Q: What are student responsibilities at RHSC?

A: Students are responsible for respecting each other, our community, and our space at all times. RHSC is a public space, and students must conduct themselves accordingly, choosing behavior, language, and conversation topics that are appropriate for a public place.

RHSC is a diverse community that strives to be safe and welcoming to all. . If intolerant or harassing behavior persists in spite of warnings to stop, that behavior will be considered grounds for a student’s removal from the co-op.

Students are expected to stay in the RHSCs designated parts of the building (on the lower level) and use the front door only.

ALL students are expected to help with the set up and take down of classrooms and common areas.

Students must keep track of their belongings during the day and make sure they take their things home when they leave. If you leave something behind, it will be difficult to retrieve before the next week of class.

RHSC is its own janitor. We clean up after ourselves and work together to keep the spaces clean. Everyone is expected to help with set up and take down of classrooms and common spaces, rearranging furniture for the day, and ensuring that everything is put back in place for the church's weekend activities. The church depends on us leaving the space as clean as we found it.


Q: How does the membership process work?


  1. Create an account on our website or log in if you already have an account.

  2. Pay the registration and membership fee. 

  3. Join the Riverbend Homeschool Co-op Facebook Group. Be sure to have notifications turned ON!  

  4. Each year we have a private facebookgroup separate from our general Facebook group page. Please join after payment has been made. This years private group name is RHSC 2019-20202


Q: How will I pay for the classes and what are the fees? 

RHSC encourages the use of Paypal for membership and class fees. The fees may slightly vary each session due to the cost of curriculum (usually in the upper grades), facility rental fees, and/or supply fees for an individual class such as science or art.  But since we desire to keep our cost as low as possible, we try to never charge more than a basic cost for each individual student attending. Payment for the full year is due by Aug19 . Refunds for canceled registration are NOT given. 

Middle school classes can cost more due to the specialized curriculum and supplies. We feel that the fees are very reasonable for the quality of classes that we are able to offer; therefore, we do not offer any sibling discounts.  That being said, we do not want economic difficulty to be a hindrance to any family wishing to attend.  If the registration cost is a hardship to your family, please contact the Co-op Director to discuss possible alternatives.  Payment is due at the time of registration.  Consult the RHSC calendar for all registration and fee deadlines.


Q: I need to cancel my membership/registration. Can I get a refund?

A: Our $220 membership fee is considered non-refundable. The membership fee is used to pay rent, insurance, website fees, and other overhead costs. Paying our lease requires a minimum number of committed co-op families. If we suddenly lost a number of families and issued refunds for membership fees, we may be in a position where we cannot pay our lease. This is part of the nature of joining a co-op. We all have some level of assumed risk. So, please do not join and register unless you fully intend on being involved in the community.

Please understand that RHSC teachers and leaders are planning and purchasing for classes long before classes start and that they are not be able to issue refunds.


Q: How do I stay up to date on all the latest at RHSC?

A: Most communication will be through the RHSC Group Facebook page. Be sure to have your notifications for the group turned ON. 
There will be a private RHSC Facebook Group for each co-op year. Be sure to join that as well because almost all co-op communications will go through that FB Group. This years private facebook group is RHSC 2019-2020.

Q: How do you select what classes to run each year?

A: We offer classes based on parents and student suggestions and interest. During the spring semester, we will hold a brainstorming session over the lunch period where students, parents, and teachers propose classes they would like to see offered. People may e-mail suggestions if they cannot make the meetings. Next, we have several rounds of voting to determine the most popular classes. We will work to find a balance of age ranges, subjects, teacher availability, and the classroom space for each semester.

If you are a teacher interested in teaching at RHSC, January- June is a good time to propose classes to the Leadership Team for the following academic year. Please use our Class Proposal Form. 

A tentative schedule of classes is available in July..


Q: This FAQ is useless! It did not answer my question. Now what!?

A:You are more than welcome to email us at: riverbendhomeschoolcoop@gmail.com or call 618-920-9306