RHSC 2020-2021 Classes

2020 Fall Classes 

Class fees are per kid, per semester.
(Age groups are just suggestions)

Pre K (3-4 year olds)

Cost for Fall Semester $40 per student


Montessori style learning

Learn through play and hands on activities, circle time, story time, music, arts and crafts

K-2nd Grades(5-8 year olds)

Cost for Fall Semester $75 per student


Waldorf Inspired Learning

~ yoga, circle time, and group play

~ nature inspired weekly themes/lessons

~ stories, music, activities, art/crafts

~ Science

~ Geography


3nd-6th Grades(9-12year olds)

Cost for Fall Semester $100 per student

Includes all classes


Geography - US States 

History - Story of the World 


Unit Studies


7th-10th Grades(13-15 year olds)

Cost for Fall Semester $125 per student

Includes all classes


Geography - US States 

History - Story of the World 
Constitution - The We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution - Syllabus   



Unit Studies

Community Service Opportunities 


All grades 

These classes are all included in tuition cost per semester.

PE - Weekly organized Physical Education Class for all ages.



Community garden


Family Fun

Pot Lucks

Holiday Parties

Geography Nights

Family Movie Night
Family Reading Night

Book Fair

Mom's Night Out 

Off site classes and Activities

These classes and activities are separate  from the co-op classes. They are classes and activities held in the community for homeschoolers. Most include a cost per student. 

Party on Broadway
Macoupin Art Collective - Homeschool Art Classes


Alton Museum of History and Art

Lock and Dam

Science Center


MO History Museum

*these classes and activities will be held off site at locations specified and for an additional fee

Field Trips and Park Days

We have an exciting year of field trips, park days, hikes, and other activities planned.
Monthly Calendars are available at sign in/Morning Meeting

*Class fees are for the Semester unless otherwise noted

PLEASE pack a lunch daily.

We have a nice kitchen with a cafe and outside pavilion to enjoy lunch

We are always looking for volunteer teachers and welcome all class ideas. Please fill out a class proposal form and mail it in.

If you are a teacher in the community and would like to host or offer our Co-op group a class, please fill out and return the Community Teacher Class Proposal.